About Us

Ownerbacked.com is the ideal choice for finding your alternative finance real estate property. We use an innovative approach towards connecting buyers and sellers to create a real estate transaction.. We envision a country where everyone could afford their own house without having themselves robbed of all their savings. We have made it our mission to make purchasing a home as easy and affordable as possible.

Your dream Home- Is now, a reality

Buying your own home and achieving the American dream is a goal many Americans share. We are inspired to make that dream a reality. You have the ultimate freedom to customize your dwelling, choose your favourite colours of the walls, put the right furniture in and just make yourself feel at home like the way you are supposed to. Here at Ownerbacked, we strive to provide you with all this and more. We got you, and we will help your dreams come true.

Own the home you once rented

For most of the Americans who live paycheck to paycheck, renting a house can be so exhausting as it takes a big piece out of your monthly earnings without offering you any future benefit. With our innovative system, you aren’t just buying one-month-of-roof-over-your-head security, you are actually buying a share of your own home. Look at that! with each payment, you are becoming a partial owner of the house you live in. It is not just a pay-to-live agreement, you are investing in yourself by purchasing a share of your home with each transaction. You get to live in the house, and you become the future owner.

Secure financing directly with the seller

IBuying has become the newly preferred method to buying residential real estate. The process is much quicker and more customer friendly for all parties involved. What if we told you financing should be that way as well? With our system, we are able to save our customers valuable time and money by securing financing directly with the seller. Awesome right!!

Why Us?

We provide a unique and creative alternative to the traditional mortgage-based financing. With our system, you do not need to pay ridiculous amounts of money for closing costs. Save thousands by cutting out the fat your real estate transaction. We help you save 47%, that’s right, 47% on your closing costs. We leave the negotiations in the hands of our buyers and sellers.

How it works

Choose your favourite house from hundreds of properties listed on the website, get in contact with the seller and negotiate the terms, and just sign the purchase and sale agreement or lease option agreement. Get in touch with a local attorney or title company and close the deal. Easy, right? Just like that you have taken the first step to buying your home, how cool is that? We have an awesome network of closing attorneys, title companies, appraisers, contractors, and property inspectors to help your transaction go smoothly.