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Save thousands on closing costs by eliminating unnecessary expenses. Our buyers and sellers save up to an estimated 70% on closing costs by using Ownerbacked.

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Buying with Ownerbacked

Finding a property

Find a property that you can call home. Browse through our list of properties whether your looking for a vacation home or a bit more space, Ownerbackeds growing database will provide you with an assortment of properties that you can choose from.

Chat and negotiate financing terms

Chat and negotiate financing terms. Save time and energy by chatting directly with the seller over our secure platform and negotiate terms that work best for you.

Save thousands

Save thousands on closing costs and loan origination fees by utilizing our partner origination team. We help create a profile so you can negotiate the best terms for your purchase.

Digitally sign

Digitally sign your state-specific purchase agreement right over our secure platform.

Selling with Ownerbacked

Chat with motivated buyers

Chat with motivated buyers interested in becoming homeowners by using seller financing or lease-to-own options and negotiate terms directly on our platform.

Access to state-specific documents

Get access to our state-specific documents. Whether your selling with owner financing or lease to own we have the docs you need to have a successful closing.

Loan origination services

Need loan origination services? Ownerbacked provides loan origination services so that your seller finance notes will be compliant with the Dodd Frank law.

Digitally sign

Digitally sign your state-specific sell agreement right on over our secure platform.